some old and new

in recent times it has come to my visual knowledge that people are more fashion conscious, which means they take more pride in their appearance.. or do they? perhaps those who can afford brand names believe that is truly fashion? or those who can sport a mini dress slash t-shirt slash something i would wear to the beach consider it appropriate attire? after recovering from the stonewash 80s.. confusion of the lipliner  90s, the 00’s allowed for something more precise.. and all things nice. smarter technology meant smarter dresswear, more efficient structures and lines for a more efficient time. lest, we cannot forget the past. nor can we forget what is truly comfortable, affordable and fabulous. can you use an old remote on a new TV? perhaps not, however with fashion it is the very mix of old and new that will continue to charm generations to come. after all a vintage fridge may serve little purpose however i can assure you a great closet rack for some new heels 😉


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