visiting bendigo wedding exhibition

Charles James, London 1934

as you may or may not know wedad travels far and wide for fashion… wedding dresses some people may perceive as not being so ‘fashionable’. i dare you to visit the Bendigo art gallery and restate this presumption. nothing reflects the fashions of the time like a wedding dress.. if it is, in fact, reflecting the fashions of the time 😉 lady Diana. need i say more…

hand stitching








the history of what these dresses represent was enough. a dress made out of curtain material during the war.. the size of these gowns my goodness a small child of 5 would struggle to fit. the floral wreaths, embroided capes, pearl accents.. it was all too much. i guess you can say those who could afford wedding dresses in history really wanted something special, designers were so limited in materials, machinery which i would say set them free to sow and stitch as they please. my favourite the two tailed fitted wedding gown. a timeless piece i would wear today. what have weddings become? will our dresses be marvelled in future museum’s i wonder? will there be an appreciation for what we have achieved? you tell me.

a classic wedding dress for me is the epitome of what fashion should be.. the person the canvas, the artwork complementing the very look, feel, hope, power, stature of that person and that time…


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