is there such thing as an original design? the art of fashion.

we all have to seek influence and inspiration from somewhere don’t we? so can anyone be truly original in a world where technology allows for limitless information and feeds on what people are wearing, seeing, doing, reading, writing, sketching i could go on and on. what is original i hesitate to say is your own. what you own is what influences you- the make-up of your product is then a reflection of what you believe in. what you have come by, and what you aspire to be. what differentiates the greats is not there super original mismatched space boots- it is their unique take on what their surroundings meant to them. a prime example of this is Christian Lacroix’s art history studies reflected in his haute couture gowns (with particular reference to costume design). designer’s today are encouraged to find an influence, name, idea to explain their collections. this assists the buyer in relating to where or what the designer wants to be, where the designer would like to take them, and most importantly what the range represents. two designer’s can both be influenced by the midnight sky for example, however their take on this and outcome can vary significantly which will (hopefully) create an original design.

so designer’s inspiration is everywhere. for me, it doesn’t take much. from the juxtaposition of a graffiti wall with moss and ivy overtaking, to a pavement covered in colourful aging gum. it is all there to be seen, absorbed, shared and appreciated for anyone who understands the art of fashion 😉


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